With the vast growth of the domestic firearms industry and the emergence of fully automated machining centers being utilized in all aspects of firearms production, there has arisen the increased potential for production and design flaws to avoid the scrutiny of experienced engineers and machinists prior to reaching distribution streams and end users.

The potential for injuries or fatalities in catastrophic system failures in modern firearms dictates that production samples be subjected to intense examination prior to issuance and utilization.

The detection of latent flaws in machining, heat treating and finishing of metals requires the employment of precision measuring instruments, nondestructive testing methods, and abusive endurance cycles under scientifically controlled conditions.

CPI offers independent testing and certification of all types of arms by its security cleared personnel at its 230 acre range and test facilities near Warrenton, Virginia.

CPI maintains a vast reference library and an extensive collection of modern and vintage small arm exemplars.

CPI is an ATF type 07 gunsmith/NFA manufacturer.