Executive Officer and Operations Chief
Floyd Allen
VMI ’82


Government Affairs Director
Robert J. Gudz, P.E.
VMI ’90

Medical Director
K. William Harter, MD
Vice Chairman, Department of Radiation Medicine
Georgetown University Medical School

Training Director and DCJS Compliance Agent
Matthew A. LeFande, J.D.

Logistics Director
William White
United States Navy ICCS(SW/AW) (Retired).

General Counsel
Gary M. Jeter, J.D.

Public Relations and Communications Officer
Al Sevilla

ICS/NIMS Compliance Officer
Sgt. Tomi Finkle
United States Capitol Police (Retired), MPDC GLLU
Chief, TROTSTAR Mounted Search and Rescue Team

CPI’s Adviser Emeritus for Ethics and Integrity
Brian J. Smith
Special Agent in Charge, United States DHHS Office of Inspector General (Retired)
Former Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service, Office Investigations and Office of Internal Affairs
Chief of Police, Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor (Retired)