PLW design (not LWRC, LWRCI) gen 2 Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer

The PLW Design Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer offers a larger and stronger surface to hold the buffer in place during sustained and full automatic fire. The patent pending new Generation 2 HDBR has even more surface area contact with the buffer and the retainer is self-centering and rotation inhibited.

The $15.00 MSRP is substantially more than the $2 retainers that can be found at Midway or Brownells. But quality, durability and longevity come at a price. If you are a true AR-15 aficionado or just a really cool guy/chick building a death-dealing elite operator rifle, the Leitner-Wise Design Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer is for you.

CNC Swiss Screw machining 4140 steel with black ferratic nitriding.

Not compatible with AR-15 type rifles equipped with arm braces, fake suppressors, Chinese optics, bump stocks, folding stocks, binary triggers or Punisher skulls.

$14.95 with free shipping


SPECIAL – Jobber pack with nine PLW HDBR pins for $99.95 with free shipping